Album Review CRUENTA LACRYMIS Sweetness and Blasphemy

Cruenta Lacrymis cover art

CRUENTA LACRYMIS “Sweetness and Blasphemy”

Metal Scrap Records

This is a very interesting symphonic black metal band from Italy. Although is not my favorite style of metal music, I admit that this band made me head bang in specific moments as they have high musical skills.

Coming from Veneto, Italy, and these guys released a quite decent debut album full of melodic stuff and aggressive elements. Of course they have influences from many source and Dimmu Borgir, Vesania, Cradle of filth, etc are the first names coming to my mind. All tracks have high intervention of keyboards and it denotes that Miriam has good taste as she composed excellent sinister atmospheres which fit on the concept. Also, vocalist Elena did a very good job, with extremely aggressive vocal lines and ominous attitude in every lyric. Yes, the line up includes three females and two males, and it really sounds balanced and compact if you know what I mean. Maybe they need to keep looking for an own style and sound; they are great musicians and they’re capable of more than this. All in all this is a great debut album and it’s recommended for those young people who like bands above mentioned. – Victor Varas

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