Album Review HANDS OF ORLAC Figli del crepuscolo

Hands of orlac cover art

HANDS OF ORLAC “Figli del crepuscolo”

Horror Records

What a piece of obscure heavy metal I have here!! Yep, this is supposed to be the second full length album of these Italians, now based in Sweden. Vocalist “The Sorceress “really did an excellent work highly influenced by 70’s rock and reminds me a lot Coven, but she manages a peculiar style a bit more in modern doom metal base.

She also plays flute in some sections and this gives a peculiar taste to music. It’s very interesting, I would say. All tracks are forged in horror heavy metal style and yes sir, it delivers a great atmosphere of sinister elements. I admit that everything has obvious references to Black Sabbath and to NWOBHM sound, but this band has a particular perspective of the most obscured and melodramatic side of doom metal genre. It’s highly recommended for those who worship obscured heavy metal from Italy, and for those who really know about the influence of horror stuff in metal music. You know what I’m talking about, don’t you? – Victor Varas

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