The Sticky Fingers cover art


Logic (Il) Logic

Don’t confuse these Italians with those thousand tributes to Rolling Stones out there around de globe. We are talking about a very decent band inspired in hard rock, glam metal and classic rock.

Actually, these guys are not new at all, they’ve been around since 1996, although they stopped the band for some years, and then reunited, and definitely it’s an experienced band made of good musicians and good spirit of rock. After almost 20 years they release this debut album and it may be something they really needed, as time is running and rock base fans demand it. The album contains 10 tracks composed in solid hard rock ala 80’s. This reminds me bands like Extreme, Van Halen, etc. My only and big complaint is that vocalist Lorenzo Mocali in specific moments really sounds like Jon Bon Jovi and it’s something I really can’t stand. Anyway, the band has good songs, good melodies and to be honest, they have everything to sound like in big leagues… if they take a time machine and go back to 80’s, of course. – Victor Varas

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