Album Review BARISHI Endless Howl

Barishi cover art

BARISHI “Endless Howl”


I confess I listened to this promo several times before I write this. The band is based in Vermont, USA, and composed a very interesting EP with complex sections, melodic guitar riffs in open chords, and rabid vocal lines.

The songs are quite oriented to progressive music, in the vein of cathartic form and in front of your face. Actually, it seems like all instruments were recorded in one session, as it delivers a direct punch in the ears. It’s very interesting because for moments it sounds like these extremely complex structures are almost chaotic (remember Mars Volta?) and the next moment this sounds in the vein of melodic death/black metal. Vocalist Sascha Simms did an excellent work in the recording as he made such rabid and cathartic vocal lines. Also, he sounds very furious-black-metal, if you know what I mean. It’s a very eclectic and bizarre recording and it calls my attention because everything is tied with good taste and painful atmospheres. The style is unique, and that’s excellent! – Victor Varas

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