Album Review MERCILESS ATTACK Back to Violence

Merciless Attack cover art

MERCILESS ATTACK “Back to Violence”

EBM Records

Well, certainly these young thrashers do a merciless attack of rabid music. Yep, it’s a debut album full of thrash metal in the vein of old school of America in 80’s. Based in Veneto, Italy, these musicians seem to be quite experienced in thrash metal music as they know how to put deadly guitar riffs with raw and class at the same time.

The band has a previous demo, which I would be pleased to hear, but I admit this album sounds mature, and perfectly delivers the vibes of the genre. I liked it because the recording sound is raw and direct but with good taste. As you can imagine, music is highly influenced by old names like Slayer, Venom, old Metallica, and I can see they reinterpreted this alcoholic spirit forged in aggressive guitar riffs, chaotic solos and punkish vocal lines. Maybe they are not innovating anything in the genre but everything sounds good and well-conceived. Again, this is highly recommended for those who are looking for new bands in European scene. – Victor Varas

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