Album Review SACRAL RAGE Illusions in Infinite Void

Sacred Rage cover art

SACRAL RAGE “Illusions in Infinite Void”

Cruz del Sur Music

Holy shit! How I love the opening section of first track “En Cima del Mal”. It has high-octane reminiscences of “Individual thought patterns” album. Well, this is another band where we find the name of super-drummer Vagelis Felonis (Embrace of Thorns, Burial Hordes, Necrovorous, Resurgency, etc.)

As you can imagine, this is an excellent piece of complex metal and musical high skills. Yep, this time is about speed metal and thrash metal, but definitely these Greeks made an excellent work musically speaking. All tracks are tied with high doses of darkness, progressive and fast structures, as well as guitar riffs which are phenomenal. In some specific moments this piece of rusty metal sounds extremely sharp and aggressive, but the band has good taste and delivers good vibes ala progressive metal. Some songs remind me a lot Russian gods ASPID, but here I found a style more defined and compact. My only complaint goes to vocalist Dimitris K, who sometimes screams so fucking unnecessarily. Ok, he has an excellent throat and he can reach really high pitched vocals ala R. Halford, and inclusive ala Kim Bendix (listen to “A Tyrannous revolt”) but I think he should moderate a bit more, or use this resource only in specific moments. Anyway, he did a really good work and I know that this will call the attention of many of you. All in all it’s an excellent debut album forged in the most obscured side of heavy metal genre. – Victor Varas

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