Album Review APHONIC THRENODY When Death Comes

Aphonic Threnody cover art


Doomentia Records

It’s true that doom metal genre has had a lot of mutations an evolutions, but to be honest I really like when people has the knowledge to compose good stuff with no arrogance nor false pretentions.

Founded by two highly experienced musicians Riccardo Veronese (UK) and Roberto Mura (IT), this obscure entity released a really good debut album last year. It’s forged in the thickest and heavy side of the genre, but everything delivers high doses of depression, melancholy and painful atmospheres. Of course, this has roots in 90’s sounds ala Tiamat, My Dying Bride, etc., and the more I hear this music, the most I’m hooked with promiscuous and oppressive guitar lines, with slow tempo sections. The band includes cello parts in specific moments which give a particular taste to the concept.

Well, you know I really hate long tracks, and in this genre it’s very common to find 10 min tracks as if they wanted us to be in catatonic states of mind. The band sounds good anyway, and I enjoyed the music as its solid, powerful and well-conceived. Btw, it’s me? or acoustic guitar in “The Children’s Sleep” in off-key? Find it yourselves, and post me the answer. – Victor Varas

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