Album Review BLACK CAPRICORN Cult of Black Friars

Black Capricorn cover art

BLACK CAPRICORN “Cult of Black Friars”

Stone Stallion Rex/Funeral Industries

And here we go with another doom-rock band from Italy. It’s a trio formed by two women and one male, and they composed a really good third album in the mood of old sounds of psychedelic rock in 70’s, mixed with stoner stuff and metal music.

Of course, I find high octane influences from Black Sabbath and its legacy in bands like Electric Wizard, Reverend Bizarre, etc, but these Italians re-interpreted the obscure spirit in music and put a big personal touch to the whole thing. Also, they made homage to Old Italian bands emerged in early 80’ like Death SS, Paul Chain, etc. So, contrary to what is supposed to be these days, the band didn’t try to sound in modern doom music mode, just to get into the new wave. They are looking for the correct obscure atmosphere and in specific moments they definitely find it. Horror music always has the same roots and delivers quite similar vibes in all bands. Black Capricorn also has an epic heavy touch of honesty and obscure heavy metal with class. This recording is raw and almost dirty, also they composed in very primitive guitar riffs. But you know? The whole thing is very effective. If you are fan of the genre you should give them a chance. – Victor Varas

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