Album Review BREATHLESS Return to Pangea

Breathless cover art

BREATHLESS “Return to Pangea”

Xtreem Music

Fast, deadly and powerful!! Coming from Palma, Majorca, Balearic Islands (Spain) these guys released a very solid second album, with high doses of thrash metal and speed metal, ala 80’s. It seems like they are not a very prolific band, as they are active since ’99 and they’ve got only a demo and another album.

Anyway, they are really good and all tracks have influences from big names like old Exodus, Old Testament, old Slayer, etc. Of course the band delivers old school with class and all its work is solid like a concrete and honest. I liked the guitar work because everything is fuelled by aggression, attitude, and mature riffs, of course. Also, they included excellent musical arrangements to the point of creating a very professional sound. If you ask me, vocalist Eduardo Moreno must be a huge fan of Mille Petrozza, as his voice is very similar in specific moments. The band based all tracks in aggressive rhythm sections, and they really know what they want by mixing distinct and complex parts (listen to opening section of track “Breathless”). They don’t repeat the same formula over and over again and that’s a high skill point for this. It’s a recommended album for those followers of old school of thrash metal, with touches of class and modernity. – Victor Varas

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