Album Review DISSIDENT CLONE State of Dysphoria

Dissident Clone cover art

DISSIDENT CLONE “State of Dysphoria”

Tridroid Records

Formed by Patrick Morris on guitar and vocals and Chad Brunsell on drums, this piece of necrotic hardcore-punk-metal EP delivers high octane vibes full of chaotic and complex lines.

The band is based in St. Paul, Minnesota, and it’s a shame they only released this four tracks because it seems like they have excellent ideas and attitude forged in the most aggressive side of the genres above mentioned. This calls my attention because everything is tied by complex sections and recording sounds pretty dirty, unclean and direct to your face. Also, all tracks have this spirit of early Napalm Death, over all, track “Crushed from above” which is an excellent example of crust-punk. All in all, this is a great band with violent elements, chaos and crudeness. But these guys know how to manage complex sections and this give a good option if you are looking for aggressive bands formed in USA. This is honest and direct, really! – Victor Varas

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