Album Review EMERGED Letting Go Of Certainties

Emerged cover art

EMERGED “Letting Go Of Certainties”

Vic Records

I don’t think these guys are going somewhere known. They are into the softest side of metal music road, but I admit they are really good by composing instrumental tracks based in heavy metal, groove metal and touches of progressive metal.

Coming from Netherlands, these young musicians produced this debut album full of mature and melodic lines and high doses of progressive elements. But, don’t misunderstand me; they don’t compose arrogant ultra-complex sections. This is instrumental rock music with class and enjoyable melodies. If you ask me, for moments I heard really good stuff influenced by hard rock at its purest form. Also, I liked some epic moments like guitar solo at final section of “Get a life”, and so on. I have to say that I miss vocal lines in specific sections, and maybe is a very short production for a debut album of post rock-metal, but everything sounds quite professional, matured and with good hooks. It’s curious that this goes to the rooster of an old and extreme metal music label. – Victor Varas

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