Album Review LACHRIMATORY Transient

Lachrimatory cover art


Self- released

What a piece of dark, slow and bubonic doom metal I have here!! Although it’s a debut album, these Brazilian guys are veterans, as they founded the band in 1999. Of course they are influenced by European old school of doom/death metal, inclusive they added classic elements like violins, cello, synths and atmospheric walls in specific moments.

The band really knows how to sound depressive and fully obscured, and all tracks are structured by distinctive sections. Also, for moments they added high doses of morbidity and putrefaction which sounds great as they also mixed clean vocal choruses here and there with deep guttural vocals. I liked how they added the aforementioned elements of classic music; they managed some musical arrangements quite fine and it gives personality to the whole concept. My favorite track is “Twilight” which is a twisted ode to darkness, depression and horrible thoughts. I think is the perfect example of what the album is to be and express, and believe me: it’s a master piece. We are talking about a highly recommended piece of dark metal forged in obscurity and twisted sides of human mind. If you are fan of the genre since 90’s, you must buy it! – Victor Varas

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