Album Review ONE STEP BEYOND The Music of Chance

One step beyond cover art

ONE STEP BEYOND “The Music of Chance”

Metal Scrap Records

I’ve never been fan of experimental bands, especially when they are experimenting with death metal genre. Actually, and call me a purist, I really prefer death metal music at its purest form, than some aberrations I’ve found out there.

This band left me different feelings and I can’t say if I like it or I hate it. On one hand, the mix extreme metal with high octane guitar riffs and aggressive vocals in the vein of rabid black metal, and in the other hand there are some festive elements I can’t really stand. I know that innovation in metal music is good, but these guys really go one or two steps beyond!! It’s like if you blend different styles in music, going from death/thrash metal, doom, reggae, salsa…. Fuck it! You ever heard Mr. Bungle? I’m sure these guys are huge fans of them. No doubt we are talking about highly qualified musicians and denote high musical skills; since I find compositions definitely you can’t do if you only keep what you learnt in high school. It’s an album with a very particular taste, and it’s full of eclecticism, twisted sections and tons of imagination. I admit this called my attention, but I’m not a fan. It’s recommended for open minds and for those who are looking for metal music from Australia. – Victor Varas

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