Album Review SOLANUM and EPI-DEMIC Passages to Lunacy

Solanum Epidemic split cover art

SOLANUM/EPI-DEMIC “Passages to Lunacy”

Horror Pain Gore Death Productions

It’s another split production forged in hardcore, thrash metal and rabid punk. This time we move on the map to Canada, and two bands with big balls.

First one is SOLANUM which comes from Manitoba. As they have only released a couple of demos, this is supposed to be debut stuff in printed format. They really take old school sound ala Minor Threat and re interpret the whole shit to chaotic guitar riffs, holocaustic drum sections and rabid vocal lines. Four tracks full of destructive hardcore music are enough to show that they have huge experience in noisy music and they want more. In the other side we find EPI-DEMIC who is based in Alberta. This band is more oriented to a more traditional form of thrash metal although they added touches of cathartic elements. I must say I hear this band a bit more in amateur sound, even the recording sounds raw, poor and direct. Also, bass guitar has some lines out of tune and I wonder if the rest of the band did not realize it. Anyway, the band sounds chaotic but well, and surely they are very explosive in live shows. This split production is highly recommended for those who dig in underground scenes, mainly from the North of America. – Victor Varas

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