Album Review WRONG ERA The Wrong EP

Wrong Era cover art

WRONG ERA “The Wrong EP”

Atomic Stuff

Definitely this is not the kind of music I hear every day, but I admit this EP has great melodic lines and great hooks, and you will find a quite enjoyable band full of soft stuff, with no problem.

Coming from Mantova, Lombardy (Italy) these guys released a very decent EP clearly influenced by hard rock, alternative rock and those things that makes you feel happy in an afternoon at the end of the week. If you ask me, I found it interesting because they keep native language in vocals and this gives a peculiar personality to all songs, as reminds me a bit old Italian bands like Ill Balleto di Bronzo. Also, it seems like these three musicians have high musical skills, as they know how to deliver good lines in all instruments, with class and clear as water, if you know what I mean. Ok, I will admit that I’m really hooked in song “Vittima & Carnefice” which I don’t understand a word, but it’s really good!! hahaha! Seriously, it’s a good Italian band forged in soft stuff, hard rock, clean guitar solos. If you are an alopecic old skull with a vest full of patches, you must stay away or you will die in a softly way, really!! – Victor Varas

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