Album Review ANAL VOMIT Peste negra, muerte negra

Anal Vomit Cover art 2015

ANAL VOMIT “Peste negra, muerte negra”

Gates of Hell Records

Founded in 1992, this is one of the oldest extreme bands in Peru, and definitely they have a place in Latin-American metal scene. Anal Vomit is an extremely chaotic and holocaustic entity with the reputation of three full length albums on his back, plus many demos, EP’s and Splits releases.

Of course, this new piece of black madness called my attention from first seconds. This is a very solid form of chaotic black/death metal highly influenced by old Slayer and old entities like Blasphemy, Incantation, Asphyx, etc. I really found it interesting as they keep Spanish language in almost all tracks, and this gives a quite peculiar taste to the atmosphere. Also, the band forged all tracks in different and distinct sections. At first sight it seems like is chaotic and almost improvised, but if you take a deep sight, you will find it highly complex and very well tied by violent elements. Recording is dirty, raw and direct to the bone. This fits perfect to the album as it’s almost punkish if you know what I mean. All in all it’s a good album full of morbidity, blasphemy and chaos. It’s highly recommended for those who worship black metal genre from South America. As extra info, vinyl editions include a cover version of SARCOFAGO’s “INRI.”– Victor Varas

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