Album Review BALMOG Necroangels’ Revelations

Balmog cover art

BALMOG “Necroangels’ Revelations”

BlackSeed Productions

Definitely this is one of my favorites black metal bands from Spain. I’ve reviewed almost all the releases and I’m still finding interesting elements in all of them. Coming from Pontevedra, Galicia (Spain), this anti-human horde was founded in 2003, but I’m sure they had an extensive experience before that.

This time we have here an EP formed by three tracks full of corrosive and holocaustic black metal. Everything is oriented to the most morbid and destructive side of the genre, and I really liked because although this sounds chaotic and dirty, all sections are understandable and denote black metal compositions with class. Three tracks named as three “Revelations” which have an obvious religious connotation, but of course the band handles high doses of blasphemy at lyrics. This EP truly takes you into a black trip of horror and painful guitar riffs. Needless to say they have influences from Scandinavian scene and ancient sounds from Greece’s old scene. We are talking about a band that forged an own style with distinct elements and delivers caustic atmospheres in every note. It’s another highly recommended production of ferocious black metal from Europe. Note: Originally released via Bloody Productions in 12” vinyl format. – Victor Varas


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