Album Review BIOPSY Fractals of Derangement

Biopsy cover art

BIOPSY “Fractals of Derangement”

Transcending Obscurity India Distribution

Aaaaargh!! Now we are talking, dude!! Don’t confuse this Indian band with the other South Americans. Here we are talking about a really bloody and holocaustic death metal band from Mumbay.

It seems like it’s a debut album but these guys are very experienced in brutal metal business, and they forged a decent debut album full of vertiginous death metal and bestial grind-core elements ala old Suffocation. We have only five tracks fueled by blood and rotten entrails, and I must say that they know how to deliver apocalyptic guitar lines with good taste and fully technique. All tracks deliver the same miasma of solid brutal death metal highly influenced by American scene, but the band added some touches of bestiality and rawness. It’s my third encounter with metal scene from that country and I must say that I’m very impressed, really! – Victor Varas

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