Album Review COME BACK FROM DEAD The Coffin Earth’s Entrails

Come back from dead cover art

COME BACK FROM DEAD “The Coffin Earth’s Entrails”

BlackSeed Productions

Again Spain, and this time we have a new death metal entity. The band features members and ex-members from different big names like Asedio, Machetazo, Extinción, Nashgul and Bokluk, so you can imagine that they are not fooling around.

We find ten tracks of energetic death metal highly influenced by Scandinavian old sounds, noisy structures near to thrash metal sound and with high doses of rabid punk atmospheres. It’s curious how the heritage of Lemmy kilmister still is influence for so many bands and genres, and this is a perfect example. Also, these guys really know how to deliver high octane death metal forged with almost primitive elements and pure rabid vocals. As aforementioned, everything is tied by a punkish aura, and although for moments it sounds a bit chaotic, the album is quite complex, indeed. It’s not bad at all for a debut album, and I’m sure I’m going to find this name on European big festivals soon. – Victor Varas

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