Gathering Darkness and Tyrants Blood split cover art


“The Light Won’t Save You”

Hecatombe Records

Dude, this is chaotic death metal and rusted taste! Now is the time for two entities with an excellent reputation in death metal road. On one side we find GATHERING DARKNESS a veteran horde from Spain who forged five tracks full of furious guitar riffs on destructive and almost primitive structures.

This band navigates under the flag of brutality, although they have a remarked influence from old death metal from America. I really like vocal lines which sound deep, sinister and rotten if you know what I mean. They add some blast-drums sections here and there, among slow parts that balance the whole shit. It’s my first encounter with this Spanish horde and my ears are claiming for more. On the other side we find Canadian TYRANT’S BLOOD and what seems to be a fragment of the album “Into the Kingdom of Graves”. We find four tracks included in the aforementioned album, but all of them sound pretty raw and direct. If you don’t already know this horde, prepare yourself for an apocalyptic death metal full of complex sections, fast guitar riffs and chaotic miasmas. Although its style is based in painful structures and ultra-bestial vocals, everything sounds balanced and very well-conceived. All in all this is a good alliance forged in the most brutal, bestial and ominous side of the genre. It’s highly recommended for metal heads that are addicted to bestiality, chaos and rancid stuff. – Victor Varas

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