Album Review ALPHA TIGER Beneath the Surface

Alpha Tiger cover art

ALPHA TIGER “Beneath the Surface”

Sade Records

Originally released by Century Media Records in 2013, this is supposed to be a second opus for these Germans, although they’ve been active since 2007 as SATIN BLACK, when they were more oriented to thrash metal genre.

This is traditional heavy metal with traces of power metal here and there. You know? I really enjoyed the entire album. All tracks are based in the most emblematic structures of melodic heavy metal, and everything sounds quite balanced and professional. I liked vocal work of Stephan Dietrich, because it’s somewhere in the middle of Tony Moore, Justin Fleming and the most representative side of 80’s vocalists. Also, I admit that he knows how to add touches of German personality. All tracks have high octane vibes of 80’s, but the band has own personality and that’s really hard to get. The band released a new album this year which I haven’t listened, but I’m pretty sure is really good. It’s not bad at all for the Mexican label that has been re editing big jewels from big labels. This is highly recommended for those who worship Germanic heavy metal in the most traditional way. – Victor Varas

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