Album Review AURON

Auron cover art

AURON “Auron”

Metal Scrap Records

This is a good new band coming from Saratov, Russia. Actually, they’ve been active since 2007 and I don’t know if they recorded previous demos, but on the debut album they made a very decent work forged in heavy metal, progressive metal and touches of power metal.

I liked almost all tracks because music sounds quite balanced and everything is tied by high doses of progressive stuff, but don’t wait to hear arrogance and complexity here, absolutely not! This band composed very soft melodies and AOR stuff through excellent guitar riffs here and there. The band has high musical skills, and no doubt they made their own musical arrangements. For moments I found some touches of modernity and, if you ask me, this sounds really good as music lines are fresh and clear. It seems like guitarists Roman Lepaev and Nikolay Bogov have clear what they want and, although I don’t hear anything new, this duo made an excellent work. Kudos for my favorite one: “Auron” which is an instrumental track full of interesting and melodic sections. BTW. This album includes two songs on Russian version, which really sound MUCH better!! This is a really good debut album. – Victor Varas

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