Album Review HELLGEIST

Hellgeist cover art

HELLGEIST “Hellgeist”

Nadir Music

Well, this is another new band with a debut album, and I must say that it sounds really good, powerful and tied musically speaking. Coming from Piedmont, Italy, these guys forged the band with different sources, mainly thrash metal and death metal, and added a special personal touch in the ways of funk, hardcore and modern stuff.

Actually, this album sounds really fresh and with tons of modern elements. All tracks are based in good rhythm sections, and solos are aggressive, technical and with good taste which denotes a good guitar work. If you ask me, there are some moments that sound pretty similar or repetitive, but I think is part of the style. Also, the recording sounds excellent and no doubt they dedicated hours and hours to produce a high octane result. All in all this is a good debut album that shows mature ideas and good disposition to make professional stuff. If you like modern metal with high octane guitar riffs and excellent aggressive vocals, this is for you. If you are an intolerant old skull, you should pass. – Victor Varas

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