Album Review SEPTICEM Pleasures of War

Septicem cover art

SEPTICEM “Pleasures of War”

Now is the turn of these authentic metal warriors from Mexico, who have been active since 1988. Delfino Grande (Bass and vocals) is the guy with balls of steel who has the guts and courage to keep alive the band since then.

Originally formed as PUTREFACCION, and later as NEFROPTOSIS (released several tapes in the 90’s) this band takes its name in 2002, but in those years they already had a big experience in extreme metal business. This is the third production and it really worth every cent. All tracks sound extremely chaotic, brutal and even bestial, but I have to say that the band never quit to sending reminiscences of old school death metal. Yep, this band truly has the knowledge of ancient death metal, and they don’t add any trace of modernity, this is forged in pure stinky and sulphuric putrefaction. The band has increased the musical skills and what is more: they play even faster than I remember when I saw them live in a festival some years ago. All guitar riffs are sharp, bloody and poisonous, and if you worship the rawest, fast and obscured side of the genre, this is for you. Highly recommended!! – Victor Varas

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