The Beast and the Sentinel cover art


Sade Records

Yep, the label says the truth in the flyer’s text. As far as I know this is the first time a Mexican heavy metal band shares a split production with a Spanish one. Both of them are quite different and although they play different kind of heavy metal, the importance of this historic piece of iron is remarkable.

On one side we have STEEL SENTINEL from Cancun (Mexico), which is a young horde highly influenced by epic/traditional heavy metal. I find obvious references to big names like early Iron Maiden, Running Wild, Satan, Angel Witch, inclusive Mötley Crüe and those primal groups who transformed the NWOBHM into a modern sound to these years. Vocalist Alex has a good throat and he knows how to control high pitched lines. Thankfully, he only uses this resource on specific moments. The band sounds good and tied, but I feel they must mature a bit more as they have some musical deficiencies here and there. Guitar solos sound weak and almost lack of originality, but somehow the band has enough power and conviction, and they composed really good songs. My favorite one is “Pull the Trigger”. On the other side, we have WILD from Madrid, Spain. These guys are more experienced in music business as they have released many demos, EP’s and a couple of full length albums. They move in the ways of heavy/speed metal, the one which is quite melodic, direct to the bone and excellent for open a can of beer. Of course, they also have many influences mainly from rock and metal bands from 80’s in Spain, but I have to say that they are looking for an own personality and they composed really provocative guitar riffs and traditional heavy metal sections with class. Also, guitars have high musical skills as they recorded some twin riffs ala Iron Maiden, here and there. It’s a great Split production for those who are looking for new talents in heavy metal genre. I’m sure that both bands will come with news soon and we will see them in big festivals. Time shall tell. – Victor Varas

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