Album Review DESERT NEAR THE END Hunt for the Sun

Desert near the end cover art

DESERT NEAR THE END “Hunt for the Sun”

Metal Scrap Records

Originally formed as Stormbringer in 1997, these Greek guys changed the name to EVENTIDE and later to DESERT NEAR THE END. Of course, we are talking about very experienced musicians, with talent and thick roots in the most powerful side of heavy metal genre.

For some strange reason, there are moments that remind me Blind Guardian, as these guys create excellent structures based in thrash/heavy metal, and vocalist Alexandros Papandreou has a raspy throat which denotes he is a huge fan of Kürsch. Also, guitars are aggressive and deliver high octane riffs and excellent musical arrangements. My only complaint is that some sections sound quite flat and repetitive, and this causes a bit boring at the end of songs, although everything has good compositions. And maybe bass guitar sounds a bit out of the mix, but that’s only a personal opinion. All in all it’s a good second album for these guys and I’m sure they are on the way to create a much better album that would become a classic in modern heavy metal in that country. It’s highly recommended for those who follow metal music from Greece. – Victor Varas

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