Album Review DORMANT INFERNO/ DIONYSUS Beyond Forgotten Shores

Dormant Inferno Dionysus cover art

DORMANT INFERNO/ DIONYSUS “Beyond Forgotten Shores”

Transcending Obscurity India

I think is my second encounter with Indian metal scene, but I have reviewed metal albums from Pakistan in the past and I already know the high octane stuff I’d find. This is nothing less than another high quality opportunity to taste metal music from both countries.

On one side of this split production is Dormant Inferno, which is an excellent doom/death metal band from Mumbai. They deliver two tracks of necromantic doom metal forged in slow tempo phrases, high class guitar riffs and excellent dark atmospheres. Both tracks are based in 90’s vibes and you will recognize immediately the thick roots on doom metal from the past, as you can hear some sinister keyboards here and there. They also included a cover version from Incantation: slow and deadly, I must say. The other side is for Dionysus, a young band already reviewed in this blog. They practice a holocaustic form of black/death metal. I really like this band because they deliver epic guitar lines full of obscure atmospheres, twisted melodies and still sounding raw and rough. Of course they also have thick roots in 90’s black metal, but they know how to re interpret the vibes and include some sections of progressive music, with class and good taste. Of course the band keeps the feeling to the end and the recording sounds rude and direct, although some sections are really technical, like in track “Rain”. This is a really good Split production recommended for metallers who are looking for good stuff in those countries. Excellent! – Victor Varas

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