Album Review ETERNAL ARMAGEDDON Black Thrash Bastards

ternal Armagedon cover art

ETERNAL ARMAGEDDON “Black Thrash Bastards”


The more I hear underground metal bands from South Asia, the more I get convinced that we can’t say that is weird to hear metal music from exotic countries. Actually, I hate the term “exotic” because music quality is not depending from territory, race or economy, if you know what i mean.

These guys from Bangladesh formed the band in 2009 and after an EP, they released this demo. What we have here is an aggressive form of thrash/black metal attack full of energetic guitar riffs, poisonous structures and rabid vocals. Everything is tied by violent atmospheres ala old Destruction, old Kreator, etc. and definitely they know what they want. Of course it’s a demo, and it sounds like a demo: raw, dirty and direct to the bone. But I admit that these kinds of productions really show the potential of young and underground bands, no matter the place they come from. I can’t say this is the most spectacular and original black/thrash metal demo I’ve heard this year, but definitely this is one of the most honest. As extra info, this demo includes a cover version of classic “Blasphemer” (from Sodom) and I liked it because the band captured the raw essence from the original. Good for them, I hope to hear more news soon. – Victor Varas

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