Album Review GROTESQUE DEITY Bloodrealm

Grotesque Deity cover art


Infernal Devastation Records

What a great surprise I found when I got this digital promo. The band is from Mexico City (the same where I live) and I think I even have drunk some litres of beer with the vocalist. This is pure fucking death metal in the vein of the most putrid, gangrenous and stinky side of the genre.

All tracks are full of obscured guitar riffs with high levels of morbidity and caustic lines. Think of the cavernous vocals in 90’s death metal like Frank Mullen, Van Drunen, Chris Barnes, Antti Boman , Grewe, Matti Kärki, etc. and there you have it: seems like Paco León has huge knowledge of ancient roots of the genre and he did an excellent work. Music sounds pretty mature and highly influenced by old Nordic scene, but I admit they printed new and fresh ideas on the flesh, and they didn’t fall in childish mistakes or repetitive stuff. Actually, it seems like the band is looking for an own sound and definetely they are going to get it soon. All in all, this is an excellent debut album recommended for those old skulls with maggots in the brain and thirsty for new blood in rancid death metal. Applause! – Victor Varas

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