Album Review NEKROFILIA Infernal Decay

Nekrofilia cover art

NEKROFILIA “Infernal Decay”

Self- released

It’s been a long time since the last time I reviewed a black metal band from Hungary. Well, I’m very impressed with this piece of hideous darkness, as it’s full of sharp guitar riffs and provocative vocal lines.

The recording sounds raw and morbid, but these demons know what the genre should deliver. and they really composed a quite excellent black metal attack full of distinctive sections, melodic-bizarre lines and sulphuric atmospheres. Of course, all tracks have Nordic influences as they are cold and freeze guitar lines, but I liked how this band recovers epic lines in specific moments, like in “Nekrofilian Totentanz” which denotes deep knowledge to the most obscured side of the genre. Although this horde was formed in 2005 this is a debut album, and is not bad at all for a band that has only a couple of demos. It seems like they know about the genre, and there is black blood running inside the veins. It’s recommended for people who are into black metal music from East Europe. – Victor Varas

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