Album Review OUTRE Ghost Chants

Outre cover art

OUTRE “Ghost Chants”

Godz ov War Productions

What a piece of obscurity do I have here!! After an EP and a Split production, these guys released a very solid debut album full of the most ominous and poisonous death/black metal I’ve heard this year.

The band features ex-members many others Polish bands which somehow guarantee high quality as we all know extreme metal music in that country. Vocalist Stawrogin (Odraza. Massemord) made a really good work, and his throat delivered quite abysmal lines forged in hell’s basement. The album is in vinyl format and comes divided in 7 chants. I must admit that each one is very balanced musically speaking, and all tracks denote very dark vibes into occultism and painful atmospheres. Also, I heard quite mature structures in all compositions, which shows high musical skills. My favorite track is Chant 7 “Arrival” which is forged in mid pace sections, excellent dark atmospheres and ancestral vibes in corrosive moments. It’s highly recommended if you worship new sounds of death/black metal coming from Poland, and if you like ominous atmospheres with deadly growls and doomed madness. – Victor Varas

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