Album Review SEWERCIDE Severing the Mortal Cord

Sewercide cover art

SEWERCIDE “Severing the Mortal Cord”

Infernal Devastation Records

Formed in Melbourne Australia in 2009, these guys released numerous Split releases before the present EP, and definitely they are hot on the road of extreme metal bands in that side of the world. It’s nothing less than an extremely aggressive form of death/thrash metal that will behead you from the first notes.

This guy Harry Watson really sings rabid and delivers holocaustic vocal lines in the entire record. Music sounds violent and complex, but you can hear very well trained fingers in both guitarists as everything is tied with technique and painful structures. The band has thick roots in American thrash metal from 80’s, but definitely they have a great taste in death metal music, and the mix is near to be perfect. All in all, this is a good promise for extreme metal genre in Australian territory. Highly recommended for those who are looking for excellent death/thrash metal, in the vein of the most aggressive and venomous side, and those who accept the evolution of both genres. – Victor Varas

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