Album Review THE SUFFERING Demo

The Suffering demo cover art


Vision D Records

This is a re edition in CD format, but originally this piece of darkness was released in tape format in 1998. I’m sure that many of you remember this Mexican band which is now seminal for the scene in 90’s, and featured members and ex members of a large list of death metal entities like As light Fades, Hellnomorf, Ancient Gods, Infinitum Obscure, Cenotaph, Denial etc.

Here we have five tracks of sharp death metal forged in extremely furious guitar riffs and a peculiar vocal work. I like the band because they balanced technical stuff with melodic lines and holocaustic guitar riffs. But, they didn’t fall into childish mistakes. This is absolutely death metal in the vein of Nordic sounds and with the touch of 90’s dark atmospheres. The demo only contains 5 tracks and it is enough to show mature ideas on solid structures. If you ask me, this band really owe more stuff, as they released only this demo and the name still remain in Mexican memory. Some years ago they reunited for a short period and opened a show for At the Gates in Mexico City. After that, they announced new material. But I don’t have more info. Anyway, this demo re released is highly recommended if you like to dig in underground scene, looking for forgotten gems.

Update: As extra info, after I wrote the review, I found this message at band’s official facebook page: “JD Distro will release the first The Suffering Demo with NO AUTHORIZATION from us. The official Demo will be released with the first Album by Chaos Records ONLY. We do not support this release in any way.” So, if you want to buy the CD, it depends on you. I personally bought it because I really like it, but I didn’t know about the band’s position. – Victor Varas

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