Album Review UNKURED Mutated Earth

Unkured mutated earth cover art

UNKURED “Mutated Earth”


It’s another band that already has been reviewed in this blog. Coming from Cincinnati, Ohio, these guys released many demos before they released a debut album in 2013. This time they are back with a quite aggressive second opus forged in penetrative guitar riffs, painful vocal lines and old school vibes in the entire album.

For moments, the band sounds chaotic and violent, but definitely they know what they are doing as every note is put in specific place. Also, they add some technical structures and sections, which sound really good. And yes, high lights for bass player Ben Stanton, who did an excellent work in the entire album, by capturing the essence of what old technical death metal must be. The band added deadly doses of thrash metal here and there, and it really completes the aggression level for the album’s concept. My favorite track is “Into Crumbling Ruin” which is an excellent piece of death/thrash metal forged with the poisonous seed of old SLAYER. Also, the band has really great moments in different sections of “Cells”, like a soundtrack for a deviant terror movie. This is a very well-conceived death metal album recommended for those who dig in American underground stuff. – Victor Varas

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