Album Review GRETHOR Cloaked in Decay

Grethor cover art

GRETHOR “Cloaked in Decay”


After a couple of demos and an EP, the band released a very interesting second EP this year. Coming from Northern Virginia, USA, these guys formed the band in 2007 and they move into the roads of black metal with high doses of death metal. Instead repeating old formulas, these guys created a quite particular mix of both genres with high octane guitar riffs and chaotic structures.

I think they have thick roots in old American death metal because everything is tied by painful atmospheres and a touch of rawness in the vein of old death metal entities. Also, recording sound is direct to the bone and it calls your attention if you are into first years of extreme metal in America. As aforementioned, the band use tons of distinctive structures full of chaos and coldness, and they definitely are transmitting bizarre and experimental atmospheres in sonic miasmas. I really liked how they change different states of mind, musically speaking, but they still sound balanced and mature. Lyrics are based in a novel of Robert W. Chambers, who was an American artist and fiction writer. If you ask me, they are not looking for an own sound, because they already have it. Maybe it’s a matter of time that they will be found by a good label to get promoted properly. – Victor Varas

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