Album Review THUNDERSTEEL The Exorcism

Thundersteel Serbia cover art


Tmina Records

Don’t confuse this Serbian metal band with the legend from Germany. This is a high-octane release of heavy metal, and really worth every cent. I admit I don’t know much the metal scene in that country though I know they have really great bands since 80’s.

In this case, the band moves in the seas of modern heavy metal with high pitch vocals ala Maiden, Judas Priest, Riot, etc. with touches of Cage, Iced Earth, Ripper Owens, etc. I find excellent guitar riffs made with class and old vibes. Music sounds quite mature and I’m really impressed because this band knows what they want, and it seems like all musicians have quite experience in the genre. Also, they share many influences from Germanic sources and American sources, but they re-interpreted with high quality and honesty. All tracks have the same spirit of 80’s heavy metal as you can hear in the song “Stand up”, which is an excellent example of heavy/speed metal ala old RIOT, or “Past Time Lords” which is a melodic song that with excellent guitar arrangements. We are talking about a very good band forged in the true spirit of the genre. It’s highly recommended if you have the heart of iron. – Victor Varas

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