Album Review XUL Extinction Necromance

Xul cover art

XUL “Extinction Necromance”


Aaaargh! Excellent band! This black entity comes from Vernon, Canada and it’s a fucking pleasure to hear the latest EP. Formed in 2008, these guys released a full length album in 2012 and it seems like they have been occupied writing more stuff since then.

This new CD contains 4 tracks forged in a quite peculiar and solid mix of death metal and black metal. Actually, these musicians took the best lines and structures from both genres and added a very provocative dose of technical metal and morbid vocals; the result is superlative as you never get bored with these large tracks. Everything is tied by high quality structures and for moments they developed some excellent sections in the vein of progressive stuff, and that gives a particular taste as all tracks sound quite balanced. Also, I have to say that they don’t forget the true spirit of metal music and you can hear thick roots of epic lines here and there. My total support is for bands like this one who really know how to deliver good things and build aggressive metal music with class and good taste. – Victor Varas

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