Album Review CAVE OF SWIMMERS Reflection

Cave of Swimers cover art


Self- released

On the third listening of this album I can confirm something: this is nothing less than authentic gem of rock music. Simply I can’t stop listening! The first thing that jumps from the speakers is the extraordinary throat of vocalist Guillermo Gonzalez (also guitars and keys) who really impressed me with an Opera-Soprano-Baritone musical skills, as this guy also drives high pitch mode with no problem.

Music is a very dynamic and interesting mixture of stoner/doom rock with high doses of heavy metal and progressive rock. Drummer Toro (Arturo) is also a great musician and you can notice Latin-American feeling in every note he plays. Nope, they are not into fashion of stoner rock, nor false emulations of Black Sabbath. These guys really created excellent songs highly influenced by catchy stoner rock, and they added many elements from different sources including Latin rhythms, jazz fusion, etc. Also they have extraordinary epic moments like in track “The Skull” which contains one of the most hypnotic guitar riffs I’ve heard this year. I admit that they impressed me a lot since all tracks are rich of musical elements which denote high octane skills in composition. Did I mention they are Venezuelans? Now they are based in Miami and I’m pretty sure they will be a revelation soon. – Victor Varas

Nota: (el que escribió la primera reseña en Metal Archives está bien pendejo)

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