Fangs of the molossus

FANGS OF THE MOLOSSUS “Fangs of the Molossus”

Italian Doom Metal Records

This is dense, slow and macabre, and I’m not sure if it’s an album that can be digested easily. Coming from Tuscany, Italy, these guys formed the band in 2011 and this is the debut album. I don’t know why these kind of slower doom metal bands immediately have thick references to psychedelic stuff, even when they are not intended to be.

Fortunately this is a good example where the band found an extraordinaire balance of low tuned guitars, into a slow doom rock/metal music and psychedelic atmospheres. The whole thing really takes you into another planet and literally it’s a trip to subconscious, if you know what I mean. It’s forged with simple structures, heavy atmospheres and tons of improvisations in guitar effects department. If you ask me, I’m not really much into this kind of music, but I admit that the band calls my attention because of originality and honesty in some specific moments, here and there. It’s highly recommended for those who love rock music full of heaviness, hypnotic miasmas and experimental sounds. – Victor Varas

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