Album Review DECAYED Into the depths of hell

Decayed cover art 2

DECAYED “Into the depths of hell”


What else can we say about this horde from Portugal, formed in 1990? What is more, they are one of the most prolific bands in extreme music, in the world, accumulating dozens of Demos, EP’s, Split Releases, Singles, Full Length Albums, etc behind Nunslaughter, Metalucifer or something like that.

This year they come back with a new album and definitely they keep high doses of darkness and morbidity, as all releases. This time we find ten tracks full of abyssal structures, hyper-aggressive guitar riffs and ominous vocals. Actually, the band keeps the high level of darkness in the entire discography, if you know what I mean, and this album is not an exception. Also, I admit this is one of the most peculiar black metal bands in the genre, with really unique style where you can identify as tracks go by. The entire album is forged in demonical lines, epic moments and morbid miasmas full of sonic revelations. My favorite one is “Ravenous Spectres” which is a 11 min long track. It’s a Magnus opus built in sinister atmospheres, hyper-violent guitar riffs and brutal vocals. All in all this is a new album that will not disappoint the fans. You have the last word anyway. As extra info, this album includes a cover version of “The Rite of Darkness” original from BATHORY. – Victor Varas

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