Album Review FAMISHGOD Devourers of Light

Famishgod cover art

FAMISHGOD “Devourers of Light”

Xtreem Music

Last year when I reviewed the last album from Avulsed, I wondered how would sound the throat of Mr. Rotten in a doom/death metal band. Well, it seems like he did it and the result is more than excellent.

Yep, this obscure entity is formed by Dave and Pako Deimler (Svipdagr, Morkulv) who composed all instrumentation. This is morbid death metal forged in the most oppressive, slow and deadly side of the genre. Of course, this shit has a lot to do with 90’s references of doom metal and the obvious roots in rottenness are noticeable from every point. Maybe there are some moments that fall in monotony, here and there, as well as repetitive stuff, but in general this is high octane doom/death metal. My only complaint is the synthetic sound of drums, it really sucks! This album is recomended for old zombies and old metalheads. – Victor Varas

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