Album Review INTERCEPTOR Wise Is the Beast…but the Hunter Doesn’t Know

Interceptor cover art

INTERCEPTOR “Wise Is the Beast…but the Hunter Doesn’t Know”

Stormspell Records

Holy shit! What a piece of Speed/Thrash metal I have here. Really, these guys play as fast as hell and give another step forward to the genre. Coming from Abruzzo, Italy, the band was formed in 2009, and released an EP and a Split production before the debut album.

Of course, it denotes influences from many sources, mainly coming from 80’s and thrash metal, and speed metal in America, but I admit that they look for an own sound and personality. For moments these tracks recall me bands like Stormwarrior, Aspid, or first album of Valdhemar (Spain). It’s a quite complex mix of speed guitar riffs, holocaustic thrash metal and provocative vocal lines, and this simply sounds brutal, if you know what I mean. Also, vocalist Fausto Di Persio is a total madman at microphone and has a very aggressive personality which gives a particular taste to the music. My only complaint is that drum recording sounds a bit synthetic, and it’s a detail that may deduct a bit the concept. Anyway, this is a really good debut album full of hyper-aggressive music and unique vocal lines. It’s highly recommended!! As extra info, this album contains a cover version of Def Leppard. Not bad at all. – Victor Varas

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