Album Review SPEEDEMON First Blood

Speedemon cover art

SPEEDEMON “First Blood”


Some years ago I planned to make a speed metal project with the same name. I have to say that I found this band quite interesting and I’m glad to see that someone finally uses the name, of course, hehehe!

These guys from Portugal composed a raw mix of speed metal and thrash metal with tons of guitar arrangements and bad blood. They put explosive guitar riffs into vertiginous rhythm sections forged in fire and aggression. It seems like vocalist Bruno Brutus is fan of rotten thrash metal from the 80’s, but he is also influenced by Lemmy K., Tom Warrior, etc and the result is good, very good. This EP contains only four tracks and my favorite one is “Blood Runs Cold”, because deliver excellent atmospheres in guitar riffs, with epic lines ala Running Wild. This band is young but we can hear that they’ve been working in previous bands as they have interesting and mature ideas. I like the way they have a direct sound recording and makes me think they are in the road to leave definitely amateur status. It’s highly recommended for old metalheads who worship good material from European underground metal scene. – Victor Varas

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