Wicked Inquisition album cover art

WICKED INQUISITION “Wicked Inquisition”

Tridroid Records

After many demos and EP’s, these guys finally decided to release a debut album and it worth every cent. Coming from Twin Cities, Minnesota, the band was created in 2008 and they based their music in many influences, mainly from doom/stoner metal with modern sound.

But ok, for those who still believe that the genre in quite saturated these days, I must say that the album is forged in a combination of good spirit of stoner rock ala Cathedral, with sprinkles of punk music here and there, among deep roots in Black Sabbath, of course. Nop, I don’t use drugs, ok? The fact is that the band has great vibes of obscured rock n´roll as meant to be the genre, and I really enjoyed it because almost all tracks are very good songs. Also, I must say that they don’t need to be guitar heroes to deliver high octane solos. This is forged in real heavy riffs and the band has class, and the entire album is plenty of great moments. My favorite track is “Wicked Inquisition” which denotes pure rock feeling running inside the veins. Final section of this track is a gold spade for the album, really. It’s a debut opus highly recommended for those who worship doom/stoner rock with touches of metal with class. – Victor Varas

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