Album Review HAMMER KING Kingdom Of The Hammer King

Hammer King cover art

HAMMER KING “Kingdom Of The Hammer King”

Cruz Del Sur Music

If you are into epic heavy metal, with high doses of melodic lines, true rock guitar riffs and 80’s attitude ala Manowar, this is for you. Coming from Saint-Tropez, France, these guys composed a very decent debut album forged in the true sound of epic power metal with thick reminiscences of NWOBHM.

It seems like Titan Fox (vocalist and main composer) is inspired by all these epic sounds in old bands, and added a personal touch in the vein of Hammerfall. After all, you already know all the clichés surrounding the genre, specifically in epic choruses, melodic guitar solos and this particular vibe ala 80’s heavy metal. It’s not bad at all for a debut album, though is the same formula repeated over and over again. Of course, this is recommended if you are fan of Germanic Epic heavy metal, Manowar and all those elements above mentioned. If you are tired of this, stay away! – Victor Varas

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