Album Review HIGHWAY DREAM Wonderful Race

Highway Dream cover art

HIGHWAY DREAM “Wonderful Race”

Street Symphonies Records / Andromeda Dischi

This is an excellent album forged in hard rock style. Vocalist Isabella Gorni did very good job and gives a charismatic personality to the concept. We are talking about young musicians from Cremona, Italy with experience and musical high skills.

All tracks share the same explosive vibe in melodic hard rock style, but it still sounds soft and enjoyable if you know what I mean. Maybe that’s the aspect I complain: rock music must sound highly noisy and leave behind “academic” touch. Anyway, all tracks sound different and I admit that the band create good songs with catchy chorus, solid guitar riffs and good taste. I liked the clean technique of guitarist Roberto Zoppi, and I must say that his soloing is excellent. Also, recording sounds direct to the bone but perfect to be a professional production without falling in childish mistakes or amateur crap. All in all, this is a good release coming from Italian underground scene, and I hope to see this name in big cartels soon. They have talent and it would be a shame if they don’t take advantage of it! – Victor Varas

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