Album Review POTERGEIST Crocodile Tears

Potergeist cover art

POTERGEIST “Crocodile Tears”

G.O.D. Records

It’s another addition to my collection of promos of the so called “southern metal” from around the globe. This time is coming from Athens, Greece, and they really made a great job on the fourth album.

All tracks are melodic, fresh and with high doses of modernity. Actually, for moments it sounds almost like “Nü metal” if you know what I mean. Anyway, I liked some specific guitar riffs, as they sound authentic and heavy. Vocal lines have personality and you can identify a quite professional dude behind the microphone. Also, guitar solos are in the point of delivering high class of rock n’ roll with no arrogance or childish attitudes. If you ask me, the entire album has very mature ideas, excellent music arrangements and bright moments here and there. It’s highly recommended for those followers of the most melodic and modern-sound side of the genre. As extra info, the song “The Preacher and the Witch” features guest vocalists Penelope Anastasopoulou and Fotis Benardo. – Victor Varas

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