Red Room Ensemble cover art

RED ROOM ENSEMBLE “Red Room Ensemble”


I have different feelings about this album. For moments it has really good moments forged in melodic heavy metal and high doses of progressive metal with class. But, for moments it turns a bit repetitive and monotonous due they composed almost all tracks in mid pace mode and basic atmospheres.

Coming from Mariehamn, Finland these guys have good taste in the most melodic side of heavy metal genre, but they managed high octane structures with good guitar riffs and metallic spirit influenced by 90’s sound. We are talking about an experimented lineup of musicians that include guitarist and vocalist from an old doom metal band from 90’s called Contamination of Expressions. Of course, these musicians have high skills and they created quite interesting music arrangements in the entire album. But as aforementioned, this have some really weak moments I can’t deal with. Anyway, they have vertiginous tracks like “Everything went Red” which is an excellent opus forged in power metal and shiny, melodic and traditional heavy metal. It’s recommended if you are looking for new Nordic heavy metal bands these days. – Victor Varas

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