Album Review STEVE FOGLIA Steve in Wonderland

Steve Foglia cover art

STEVE FOGLIA “Steve in Wonderland”


This is a good album of hard rock at its best of the genre. For those who don’t know about this guy, he is drummer of Jennifer Scream, and has been touring with big names like Glenn Hughes, Pretty Boy Floyd and Michael Monroe.

Of course, you can’t expect anything less than high octane rock n’ roll highly influenced by Deep Purple, with touches of modernity here and there, and excellent selection of songs that immediately puts you on nice mood. The band sounds good and brings good lines of hard rock in the purest way of 80’s, but I have to admit that everything is tied with charismatic vocal lines and professional guitars. Also, this album features high calibre collaborations, like Blaze Bayley, Zantolo (guitarist from Rakel Traxx), Simone “Seth” Borsellini, and and Francesca Foglia. Maybe my only complaint is that drums sound a bit slow and weak, and the bad taste on song “Wrong Hole” (hahahaha!) but I really enjoyed this album in my office. As extra info, this album contains a cover version of “We’re American Band” original from Grand Funk Railroad. Not bad at all! – Victor Varas

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