BATTALION Tyrant of Evil Release date

Battalion Tyrant cover art

Brazilian Speed Metal maniacs, BATTALION, just finished his next attack. “Tyrant of Evil” will feature two new songs (“Tyrant of Evil” and “Hell Razor”) and all songs from “Battalion” demo (2007).

The new work was recorded at Audio Works Studio (SC / Brazil) , produced by BATTALION and Andrew Fabian. “Tyrant of Evil” will mark the debut of guitarist Alvaro Santana Junior, at studio, in the band.

Heavy/Speed Metal maniacs can expect another riffs avalanche!

Release date: April/May, 2015.

Line – up:

Fabiano Barbosa (Drums)

Marcelo Fagundes (Bass)

Álvaro Santana Junior (Guitar)


Track List:

1.Tyrant of Evil

2.Hell Razor

3.Battalion of Metal

4.Valley of the Dead

5.Fighting for the Glory

6.Final Battle

7. Soldiers from the Shadows

More info:

New attack from brazilian Speed Metal maniacs will be available on 4th May, 2015.

Listen CD title song below.

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